Digital and Social with #mydigitalcareer

#MyDigitalCareer was an event created and hosted by Cloud Nine Recruitment for graduates and recent graduates. CJ977JFUEAAibaD

I graduated over a year ago, and I’m ashamed to say my passion for all things political and social has waned a little over the last 12 months. I felt shut out from a world of which I was once part of, and missed being ‘in the know’. This is mostly because during University I spent a lot of my time researching, writing and tweeting my way through my degree. The lack of this purposeful learning had led to a feeling of lessened confidence and a doubting in my ability to succeed.

I’m not someone who gives up easily; I will fight for what I want. It’s just a year of persistent rejection for copious job applications had taken their toll. I was tired and disillusioned.

Then along came a blog post written on LinkedIn by Steve at Cloud Nine Recruitment. The mention of #MyDigitalCareer, flicked a switch in my brain, I was excited at the thought of learning and meeting people within an industry I was desperate to explore and get into.

Around a month later, the first day of #MyDigitalCareer arrived. The first session was based at Cloud Nine’s office in Soho. I sat at the back, nervous at not knowing what to expect. As it turns out I had nothing to worry about. The other attendees were super friendly, and the talks from Tiffany St James (Director, Transmute), Krishna De (Digital Consultant and Personal Branding Consultant) and Danny Whatmough (Head of Social Media EMEA, Weber Shandwick) , were the perfect start to the week. Tiffany’s career in particular was fascinating with her background in the digital side of politics (Tiffany is the ex Head of Digital for the UK Government), something which I myself am passionate about. I had a bit of a fan girl moment when I met Tiffany, and by that I mean I jumped around a bit when she spoke about Parliament.

Fast forward a day and Wednesday was host to the graduate case studies. Rachel Kneen (Social Media Manager, O2), Ben Fox (Social Media Strategist, 33) and Charlie Southwell, Director of the brilliant Transmute, told us about their journeys into digital. As with all the speakers, a focus on persistence, networking and reading seemed to be amongst the top tips. I should say now; after each talk we had a chance to mingle whilst sipping on wine/beer and nibbling on a variety of snacks. Talking about digital, having a social drink and nibbling away – what a perfect combination!

Thursday was the day of corporate and the day of the ladies. The event was held at Ernest and Young over at More London in London Bridge. We heard from three incredible women who worked inhouse doing Digital for different sectors: Charlie Duff  (EY, Global Media Relations), Laura Oliver (Senior Social Community Manager, The Guardian) and Keri Hudson (Social Media Manager, Cancer Research UK). The talks were fascinating insights into the workings of Social within three totally different settings. After the talks we were treated to Prosecco and canapés curtsey of EY. 

And last but not least, Friday: the evening of the gentlemen. Matt Buckalnd (Lyst), Jeremy Waite (Salesforce) and Steve Ward (Cloud Nine Recruitment). A great way to finish a fantastically informative week. We had inspirational quotes from Steve (mostly his own, but made perfect sense!), a look through the eyes of the recruiter from Matt, and a powerful talk about applying for jobs within the digital world from Jeremy. It was the perfect end to a fantastic week.

The biggest tip of the week? Never stop learning. Read. Keep reading, keep researching  and never give up.

Without sounding too cheesy, this week has been inspirational. It’s given me a new energy – a more positive outlook – when it comes to job hunting and my future career.

A huge thank you to the whole team at Cloud Nine Recruitment.


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