The Disenchantment of Politics

Recently I’ve found myself wincing at politics and its futile political point scoring. Suddenly power appears to be more important than people. And i’m not just talking about the right of the political spectrum. I’m also talking about Labour.

I’m a member of the Labour party. I agree with the majority of Labour’s founding values: social justice, community, fairness and equality; all things which I believe to be crucial for a society to work as well as it possibly can. Yet even a party that can pride itself with the creation of the National Health Service can find itself locked in a political battle which does not even touch people outside the realms of Westminster. The “world of Westminster”, for lack of a better name, is so far from the reality in which many people live it’s hard to see how politicians can present any sort of representation of society as a whole.

A whole other world...
A whole other world…

I know, all very obvious but it’s something that is increasingly irritating me. Politics should be about the people yet the people barely come into it. Only recently during a debate on Syria, commentators and politicians alike were seemingly more focused on the ‘political win’ than the outcome of the result. Children and adults were dying and yet both sides were babbling on about how much of a defeat it was for David Cameron and how it could affect the 2015 general election. I found this strange, their reaction was all wrong; surely?

And yet this is the exact nature of politics. It’s a game for power and the people appear to be bargaining chips. Every move is about making the opponent look foolish and weak whilst making themselves seem morally superior.

This isn’t to say I don’t believe politics doesn’t help people, it can and it does. It’s just sometimes hard to see through all the political spin.


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